Southern Europe Scouts

My latest Scout appointment is with British Scouting Overseas as Southern Europe Districts’ Deputy District Commissioner for Perception and DC Support which involves supporting the district in developing a media and communications plan, which so far has entailed developing and building up the internal and external communications. Parts of this has been developing a website with WordPress, working on adult volunteer only communications and setting up and interview with a local radio station in a host country. Every week I look at how best the district can communication within their host communities to draw more young people from expatriate communities.

District Website

The biggest part of my role so far was to create and then manage our district website. WordPress was used to create this alongside a range of plugins to help make it easier to use and perform better for what we need the website to do. The website can be viewed here:

District Badge

In 2021 a new group opened in Naples Italy and joined our district which at the time was called France & Iberia. With the addition we had to change our name and then the process of designing a new badge began. The young people from the district were asked to submit designs of badges which would be turned into one design.

The designs to the left, were turned into the design in the middle before the final design on the right was agreed.