Content Usage Guidelines

Any and all work created by Thomas Thorne is his property and copyrighted in the year they were created. The UK’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 automatically grants copyright protection to all work created by Thomas Thorne. The UK’s current copyright guidelines can be found here!
The content copyrighted includes the following:

  • Photographs
  • Films

How copyright protects my work:

Copyright prevents people from:

  • copying my work
  • distributing copies of it, whether free of charge or for sale
  • renting or lending copies of my work
  • performing, showing or playing my work in public
  • making an adaptation of my work
  • putting it on the internet

How to get permission to use my work?

To gain permission to use my work please reach out using the form below – please be aware that there may be a charge to licence my work! If permission is granted it will be done in writing.

Dropdown to Permission Request Form.

    Current Granted Permissions.

    Currently with regards to currently granted permissions for use of my work there are two – both organisations support young people.

    Cumbria Youth Alliance – they have permission to use both my photographs and films.

    The Scout Association – they have permission to use both my photographs and films.