My Collection

Jan 6, 2022

From my early days within Scouts collecting various Scout related items has been something of a hobby of mine. Some of them I’ve collected from different activities and camps other bought or like some gifted to me. I’ve chosen to start sharing my collection here on my blog. However, I wanted to outline some of my favourite items within my collection sharing the story of how I collected them.

Bear Grylls signed Necker

The most precious item in my collection is my Bear Grylls signed 100 years of Scouting in Lincoln neckerchief/scarf. In early 2011 I auditioned with a few other members of Lincoln District Scout Band to be part of the Commonwealth Corp of Drums for the Queens Scout Parade in 2012 at Windsor Castle. During the weekend event itself, I was able to meet Bear Grylls and ask him to sign my neckerchief/scarf after that weekend I never wore it gain not wanting to ruin the signature if it had to be washed. However, until recently I wasn’t able to tell if the signature read ‘Bear’ or ‘BG’ with the help of my ‘Scouts The Stories that Built the Movement’ book I was able to finally get confirmation on what it read that being ‘Bear’ with the line underneath and period at the end.

In 2018 I got the opportunity to attend Roverway with the UK Scout Contingent, during this event I managed to meet so many different people. The other people in my patrol and then those on my path, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Lebanese Scouts and Guides. Roverway was by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, getting to meet everyone trade neckerchief/scarf and badges with them was incredible. Everything was about working together not just in our patrols but our paths. From cooking dinner to hiking in the Dutch Countryside.

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