Southern Europe District Scouts

For over a year now I’ve been a part of Southern Europe Scouts which is a part of British Scouting Overseas as the Assistant District Commissioner for Media and Communications. This role has enabled me to volunteer with British Scout groups based in France, Spain, Italy and soon to be Romania. The first year in my role has seen me build a website for the district, design the badge for the newly renamed district (previously France and Iberia) along with supporting the adult volunteers within in areas such as social media, branding and talking to local media outlet. Many of these are ongoing including the support for new groups that are opening.

District Badge

The design of the first badge was created from a collection of designs from the young people within our district. After minor changes the badge the first badge was made and sent out to the groups within the district. Recently with the addition of a group in Romania our badge had to be updated to include Romania on the map.

District Website

The biggest task that I was responsible for was setting up our district website to better communicate with the wider world outside of scouting. Since setting up the website the original theme that was used seemed to cause issues relating to the website crashing when minor things would change. The only way to resolve this was to rebuild the website from the ground up from scratch in order ensure that there would be no crashes or issues relating to the website.

The district website in its current state.

While designing badges and building a website I would support the groups across our district in being more media aware, support other members of the leadership team in the best ways to communicate with other adult volunteers within the district – MailChimp has become a great tool to support getting the word out about events, updates, and Thank Yous. These are mostly on going as we open new groups who need to be well known within their communities, and supporting currenty groups who need a boost in numbers.