Chiller is a weekend camp at Walesby Camp often in November, the event itself is all about ensuring that young people from across the scouting sections can have fun and take part in a range of activities from climbing and shooting, to mechanical bull riding and crazy gold.

My role with Chiller is creating all of the posters and branding for the event.

Chiller Logo

For the 2022 Chiller it was decided that an update to logo would be need. The logo was updated to be more simple, and have less empty space around it.


In order to advertise for the this years event along with giving the information out and when and where it will be, on brand posters were created using the Chiler colours. The ideas of the posters were to have the content stand out on a coloured background which would also stand out against anything else.

Social friendly versions of these posters were created for different social platform to ensure that the event could be advertised. There were story and timeline friendly formats.

Other Branding

These are other items created to help promote the Chiller. Two of them are reusable banners.