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27 April 2021

Flooded Future – Climate Central Report

The Climate Central report covers in detail, the effect that rising sea levels could have on every coastal nation. The biggest impact of this could be within Asia where 75% of the 300 million are mostly affected. It’s important to remember that the maps published do not factor in coast defences. These figures come from the new CoastalDEM a digital elevation model based on NASA’s SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) which is known to have significant flaws caused by factors such as topology, vegetation, buildings, and random noise. Climate Central used machine learning to estimate SRTM elevation error pushing the project number of people to be affected up by 221 million.

Current population below the elevation of an average annual flood in 2050, top six countries.

China (mainland)29 million people93 million people+67 million people
Bangladesh5 million people42 million people+37 million people
India5 million people36 million people+31 million people
Vietnam9 million people31 million people+22 million people
Indonesia5 million people23 million people+18 million people
Thailand1 million people12 million people+11 million people
Total, Global79 million people300 million people+221 million people
Climate Central (2019) Report: Flooded Future: Global vulnerability to sea level rise worse than previously understood [Internet]. Available from [Accessed 27th April 2021]
20 March 2021

Project Proposal

Elevator Pitch

We live in a time where our climate is at risk, every date we hear about how climate changing is influencing our planet. Every year parts of the UK ended up flooded from days of rain and the rising sea levels. Climate Central released a report that shows by 2050 coastal flooding will rise higher. The projection shows that globally by 2100 area now home to 200 million people could fall permanently below the high tide line. Gainsborough in Lincolnshire is a market town along the river Trent that could be affected by these rising sea levels, flooding over half of the historical market town which was once the capital of England and Denmark for five weeks in 1013. Alongside a further signification percentage of Lincolnshire.

Climate Central Map

Climate central map
Climate Central Map of Gainsborough

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