2020 Showreel

Thomas Thorne Showreel

My latest showreel from 2020, an up to date showreel will be released later on this year!

Flooded Future

Flooded Future – Gainsborough Floods was it’s working title. Idea Development Before settling on the idea of creating a documentary based off the research by Climate Central I floated around a few other ideas about what sort of project I could do. The first idea I though of was to relearn and adapt my knowledge […]

After the Rain

After the Rain is a short documentary which details the effects of COVID-19 quarantine on people – how they’re coping and how they feel. The was created during the lockdown. Given the unique circumstances behind After the Rain, the creation of the original sound before was done without direction from the director-producer. The original soundscape […]

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus was created before Christmas 2018 we were tasked with creating a one-minute film based off a Christmas song chosen randomly. On top of that, we were only allowed to use three lines of dialog. Within this project I was the Editor.

Lady Anne Clifford and Pendragon Castle

Lady Anne Clifford and Pendragon Castle was a project created in Kirkby-Stephen for their Westmorland Dales Day celebration. This project was fun but difficult to film as we only had a morning to prepare before filming the entire afternoon. The final deliverable was more of a look back at the entire day than just a […]


Reveal is a TV Show that encourages young, undiscovered, and local talent to exhibit and showcase their work. The idea of the show was to be hosted at different universities in the UK each episode. Our pilot episode was created at the University of Cumbria. Within this project I was mainly the Editor, and Jib […]

Look Wilder

Look Wilder is a television show created in partnership with the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and the University of Cumbria. The show itself was inspired by spring watch and was entirely created by students from the University of Cumbria. Within this project I was the Editor.


Millie is a story about Millie, and her premature birth. Created during my final year at University, overall, the project isn’t 100% completed but I plan on finishing it. The entire documentary was created by me.

The Envelope

The Envelope is a horror short film produced at the University of Cumbria by second-year students. A student has gone missing, her boyfriend goes to look for her.